sxtm_mngr.c File Reference

#include "sxversion.h"
#include "sxunix.h"
#include <sys/resource.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
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long sxtimediff (SXINT INIT_ou_ACTION)
SXVOID sxtimestamp (SXINT INIT_ou_ACTION, char *format)
SXVOID sxtime (SXINT INIT_ou_ACTION, char *str)
void sxexit_timeout (int signal_val)
void sxcaught_timeout (int delay, void(*sxtimeout_handler)(int))
SXVOID sxtimeout (int delay)
SXVOID sxcaught_virtual_timeout (SXINT seconds, SXINT useconds, void(*sxvirtual_timeout_handler)(int))
SXVOID sxvirtual_timeout (SXINT seconds, SXINT useconds)


char WHAT_SXTM_MNGR [] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxtm_mngr.c 1672 2008-12-05 12:18:19Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG

Function Documentation

void sxcaught_timeout ( int  delay,
void(*)(int)  sxtimeout_handler 
SXVOID sxcaught_virtual_timeout ( SXINT  seconds,
SXINT  useconds,
void(*)(int)  sxvirtual_timeout_handler 
void sxexit_timeout ( int  signal_val  ) 

Definition at line 134 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

char str 

Definition at line 91 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

References sxtimestamp(), and sxtty.

long sxtimediff ( SXINT  INIT_ou_ACTION  ) 

Definition at line 49 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

Referenced by sxtimestamp().

SXVOID sxtimeout ( int  delay  ) 

Definition at line 178 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

References sxcaught_timeout(), and sxexit_timeout().

SXVOID sxtimestamp ( SXINT  INIT_ou_ACTION,
char format 

Definition at line 81 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

References sxtimediff(), and sxtty.

Referenced by sxtime().

SXVOID sxvirtual_timeout ( SXINT  seconds,
SXINT  useconds 

Definition at line 214 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

References sxcaught_virtual_timeout(), and sxexit_timeout().

Variable Documentation

char WHAT_SXTM_MNGR[] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxtm_mngr.c 1672 2008-12-05 12:18:19Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG

Definition at line 42 of file sxtm_mngr.c.

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