sxsrc_mngr.c File Reference

#include "sxversion.h"
#include "sxunix.h"
#include <stdarg.h>
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Data Structures

struct  localbuf
struct  localcoords




SXSHORT sxnext_char (void)
SXSHORT sxlanext_char (void)
SXSHORT sxlafirst_char (void)
SXVOID sxX (SXSHORT inserted)
SXVOID sxlaback (SXINT backward_number)
SXVOID sxsrcpush (SXSHORT previous_char, char *chars, struct sxsource_coord coord)
SXVOID sxsrc_mngr (SXINT sxsrc_mngr_what,...)


char WHAT_SXSRC_MNGR [] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxsrc_mngr.c 1747 2009-06-17 11:14:21Z garavel $" WHAT_DEBUG
static SXBOOLEAN usinglocalbuf = {SXFALSE}

Define Documentation


Definition at line 100 of file sxsrc_mngr.c.

Referenced by sxlafirst_char(), and sxsrcpush().

Function Documentation

SXVOID sxlaback ( SXINT  backward_number  ) 
SXSHORT sxlafirst_char ( void   ) 
SXSHORT sxlanext_char ( void   ) 
SXSHORT sxnext_char ( void   ) 

Definition at line 124 of file sxsrc_mngr.c.

References SXFALSE, sxtty, and sxverbosep.

Referenced by fill_idag_infos(), my_push_incl(), nds_recovery(), recovery(), sxndscanner(), and sxscanner().

SXVOID sxsrc_mngr ( SXINT  sxsrc_mngr_what,
SXVOID sxsrcpush ( SXSHORT  previous_char,
char chars,
struct sxsource_coord  coord 
SXVOID sxX ( SXSHORT  inserted  ) 

Definition at line 299 of file sxsrc_mngr.c.


Referenced by nds_recovery(), and recovery().

Variable Documentation

SXBOOLEAN usinglocalbuf = {SXFALSE} [static]

Definition at line 114 of file sxsrc_mngr.c.

Referenced by sxlafirst_char(), sxlanext_char(), sxsrc_mngr(), and sxsrcpush().

char WHAT_SXSRC_MNGR[] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxsrc_mngr.c 1747 2009-06-17 11:14:21Z garavel $" WHAT_DEBUG

Definition at line 49 of file sxsrc_mngr.c.

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