sxsmp.c File Reference

#include "sxversion.h"
#include "sxunix.h"
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#define SXNODE   struct sxnode_header_s


SXVOID sxsmp (SXNODE *root, SXVOID(*pass_inherited)(void), SXVOID(*pass_derived)(void))


char WHAT_SXSMP [] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxsmp.c 1416 2008-06-25 14:42:55Z rlacroix $" WHAT_DEBUG

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#define SXNODE   struct sxnode_header_s

Definition at line 25 of file sxsmp.c.

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SXVOID sxsmp ( SXNODE *  root,
SXVOID(*)(void)  pass_inherited,
SXVOID(*)(void)  pass_derived 

Definition at line 36 of file sxsmp.c.

References SXBOOLEAN, sxbrother(), SXFALSE, SXNODE, sxson(), and SXTRUE.

Variable Documentation

char WHAT_SXSMP[] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxsmp.c 1416 2008-06-25 14:42:55Z rlacroix $" WHAT_DEBUG

Definition at line 31 of file sxsmp.c.

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