sxmem_mngr.c File Reference

#include "sxversion.h"
#include "sxunix.h"
#include "X.h"
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#define MALLOC_DEBUG()


SXVOID sxgc (void)
static void freeing_null (SXBOOLEAN bypass)
static void mem_signature_oflw (struct mem_signature *ms_ptr)
static void mem_sizes_oflw (size_t **s_ptr, SXINT old_size)
void * sxcont_malloc (size_t size)
void * sxcont_alloc (size_t n, size_t size)
void * sxcont_realloc (void *table, size_t size)
void * sxcont_recalloc (void *table, size_t old_size, size_t new_size)
SXVOID sxcont_free (void *zone)
SXBOOLEAN sxpush_in_tobereset_signature (void *zone, size_t size)
void sxmem_signatures_allocate (SXINT size)
void sxmem_signatures_raz (void)
void sxmem_signatures_free (void)
static void X_oflw (SXINT old_size, SXINT new_size)
SXBOOLEAN sxfree_mem_signatures_content (void)
void * sx_alloc_and_copy (size_t nbemb, size_t size, void *original_content, size_t copy_size)


char WHAT_SXMEM_MNGR [] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxmem_mngr.c 1672 2008-12-05 12:18:19Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG
static SXINT * ptr_id_in_X_hd2free_nb

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#define MALLOC_DEBUG (  ) 

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static void freeing_null ( SXBOOLEAN  bypass  )  [static]

Definition at line 70 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References sxstderr.

Referenced by sxcont_free().

static void mem_signature_oflw ( struct mem_signature *  ms_ptr  )  [static]
static void mem_sizes_oflw ( size_t **  s_ptr,
SXINT  old_size 
) [static]

Definition at line 84 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References SXFALSE, and SXTRUE.

Referenced by sxpush_in_tobereset_signature().

void* sx_alloc_and_copy ( size_t  nbemb,
size_t  size,
void *  original_content,
size_t  copy_size 

Definition at line 466 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References sxstderr, and sxtrap().

Referenced by ndp_recovery(), one_correction_message(), and recovery().

void* sxcont_alloc ( size_t  n,
size_t  size 
SXVOID sxcont_free ( void *  zone  ) 
void* sxcont_malloc ( size_t  size  ) 
void* sxcont_realloc ( void *  table,
size_t  size 
void* sxcont_recalloc ( void *  table,
size_t  old_size,
size_t  new_size 

Definition at line 201 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References MALLOC_DEBUG, mem_signature_oflw(), SXFALSE, sxgc(), and SXTRUE.

SXBOOLEAN sxfree_mem_signatures_content ( void   ) 
SXVOID sxgc ( void   ) 

Definition at line 36 of file sxgc.c.

References sxstderr.

Referenced by sxcont_alloc(), sxcont_malloc(), sxcont_realloc(), and sxcont_recalloc().

void sxmem_signatures_allocate ( SXINT  size  ) 

Definition at line 297 of file sxmem_mngr.c.


Referenced by call_sem_open(), and sxsem_mngr_open().

void sxmem_signatures_free ( void   ) 

Definition at line 333 of file sxmem_mngr.c.


Referenced by call_sem_close(), and sxsem_mngr_close().

void sxmem_signatures_raz ( void   ) 
SXBOOLEAN sxpush_in_tobereset_signature ( void *  zone,
size_t  size 

Definition at line 281 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References mem_signature_oflw(), mem_sizes_oflw(), SXFALSE, and SXTRUE.

static void X_oflw ( SXINT  old_size,
SXINT  new_size 
) [static]

Definition at line 365 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

References ptr_id_in_X_hd2free_nb.

Referenced by sxfree_mem_signatures_content().

Variable Documentation

SXINT* ptr_id_in_X_hd2free_nb [static]

Definition at line 363 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

Referenced by sxfree_mem_signatures_content(), and X_oflw().

char WHAT_SXMEM_MNGR[] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sxmem_mngr.c 1672 2008-12-05 12:18:19Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG

Definition at line 28 of file sxmem_mngr.c.

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