recognize_item Struct Reference

Data Fields

SXINT * shift_NT_hd [inputG_MAXNT+1]
SXINT items_stack [inputG_MAXITEM+1]
SXBA index_sets [inputG_MAXITEM+1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1629 of file earley_parser.c.

Field Documentation

SXBA recognize_item::index_sets[inputG_MAXITEM+1]

Definition at line 1632 of file earley_parser.c.

SXINT recognize_item::items_stack[inputG_MAXITEM+1]

Definition at line 1631 of file earley_parser.c.

SXINT* recognize_item::shift_NT_hd[inputG_MAXNT+1]

Definition at line 1630 of file earley_parser.c.

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