sort_by_tree.c File Reference

#include "sxversion.h"
#include "sxunix.h"
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static SXBOOLEAN is_less_or_equal (SXINT left, SXINT right, SXBOOLEAN(*less_equal)(SXINT, SXINT))
SXVOID sort_by_tree (SXINT *t, SXINT bi, SXINT bs, SXBOOLEAN(*less_equal)(SXINT, SXINT))


char WHAT_SORT_BY_TREE [] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sort_by_tree.c 1491 2008-07-23 16:13:15Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG
static SXINT * val

Function Documentation

static SXBOOLEAN is_less_or_equal ( SXINT  left,
SXINT  right,
SXBOOLEAN(*)(SXINT, SXINT)  less_equal 
) [static]

Definition at line 33 of file sort_by_tree.c.

References less_equal(), SXFALSE, SXTRUE, and val.

Referenced by sort_by_tree().

SXVOID sort_by_tree ( SXINT *  t,
SXINT  bi,
SXINT  bs,
SXBOOLEAN(*)(SXINT, SXINT)  less_equal 

Variable Documentation

SXINT* val [static]
char WHAT_SORT_BY_TREE[] = "@(#)SYNTAX - $Id: sort_by_tree.c 1491 2008-07-23 16:13:15Z sagot $" WHAT_DEBUG

Definition at line 27 of file sort_by_tree.c.

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